I said i would never sign up to Facebook, i finished college and signed up to Facebook...I said Facebook was enough i don't need Twitter, Im now on Twitter...and guess what? now its this thing they call blogging or photo-blogging :D

I have ridden bikes for a long time. I mostly ride MTB trials, but i also dabble in a bit of 4x, trail thrashing, and a bit of a Fixie cruise just for fun with my buddies. my other hobbies are Snowboarding, climbing, motorsports, and i have a new found interest in photography. This list is forever having hobbies added to it, will it ever stop....? No, i don't think so :)

I started taking pictures in August 2011 when i was given a DSLR as a present...lucky? hell yeah! I had been taking pictures previously on a point 'n' shoot so this was a step upwards for me! hopefully you will like my pictures, and content i share and with visible improvements along the way.


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